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Who is Jon DeLeon?


Author | Creative Genius | Beyond Normal

I'm Jon DeLeon, an author, a #CreativeGenius and Beyond Normal. 
Great stories have the ability to make you feel, wonder and dream in a way that nothing else can. Science fiction to me is unique in its ability to push boundaries and stretch the imagination to new frontiers. I love stories and love writing. My hope is that one of my stories connects with you in the way that authoring them does for me.

I Promise...

  • Original Stories: All of my inspiration comes from real dreams I've had that affected me and left me with a desire to share them with you!

  • Character Driven Books: The best books and stories make you feel and fall in love with their characters so much that you view them as real.

  • Real Emotions: The feelings of my life experiences and fears make their way into my writing so that you too can connect on a deep level.



Engaged To Sarah Armstrong

It was an un-characteristically cold night in May when American Ninja Warrior came to Denver. Jon had no idea that night, while cheering on his friend Megan running the course would be a life changing experience. That frigid evening Jon met Sarah, his soon to be wife. 

A night spent laughing and flirting started something that over the coming weeks turned into so much more. Soon Jon and Sarah would be flying across the country. This September they will marry in the mountains of Colorado and turn the page on the next chapter of each of their lives.



Member of American Mensa

His entire life Jon had been told there was something special about him, and how quickly he learned things. He spent most of his school years in advanced programs and special classes. Following graduation from college, he took the Mensa Admission Test. His IQ score was high enough to allow his acceptance into this prestigious society of thinkers and high-speed intellectuals.



Colorado State University Graduate

Growing up in Fort Collins, son of a CSU alumni, Jon DeLeon has always been a Ram fan. From an early age he went to sporting events, campus fairs and took behind the scenes tours of the science department. When it came time for Jon to go to college, only one place made his list. After a slightly twisting, and longer journey he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Investment Analysis in 2012. Today he is know for driving the old CSU field truck, still wrapped in Colorado State University colors and emblems.



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