Stories are meant to be shared.

Let me tell you a story…

A few years ago I sat in my the car my brother had left me to drive as he, my best friend, shipped out for Germany and soon a war zone in Afghanistan. I was parked overlooking Horsetooth Resevoir in Fort Collins, Colorado. My head ran wild with feelings of fear that I may never see my brother again, and sadness. Not sadness for him and the upcoming hardships he was sure to face soon. Sadness for myself.

Growing up my brother and I had been more than just blood. We really were the best of friends. My brother, my best friend in the whole world, and my roommate had left. He was out there following a passion, so alive. Where was I? I was stuck. I was stuck in a life without the person I had literally spent the most time in my life with. I was stuck a thousand miles away unable to help him or do anything to protect him. I’m sure anyone with a family member who has served has felt that. On top of all of that, since I had lost my room mate, I was living back at home with my parents.

Now my parents are awesome. They are loving, providing and truly amazing friend of mine to this day. But what they weren’t, was my brother. I was lost. They were all deep in their passions. I sat there, staring at a rainy, cloudy sky reflecting on the water and just questioned myself and everything that must be wrong with me. I was skipping school but I didn’t care. I had heard in an audiobook that Napoleon Hill had walked around a school in the dark until he was struck with profound truth that set him on his way. I wanted that. God did I wish to just have that realization. Please just give me the answer to the rest of my life. Well some of you may have been that fortunate. I wasn’t. So after sitting there in silence for over an hour, I needed a break.

The only thing I had to kill time was copy of Ghost Country by Patrick Lee that my brother had mailed me the day he left for Germany. I started to read this book, and like that it was three hours later and I was laid back in the driver seat. I was enthralled. The characters, the ideas and the story. I couldn’t stop.

I don’t remember how long it took, but I didn’t leave that spot until I had finished that book cover to cover, and you know what? I felt good when I turned that last page. I had just gone on an emotional rollercoaster that took me to the deepest deep and highest high while living an experience through these characters. Somehow their adventure had given me the mental break from loneliness and fear that I needed to just, relax for a few hours.

I went home that night and got the first good sleep I’d gotten in years. The next day I went to my education counselor for the first time in my five years of college and made the major change that allowed me get my degree quickly and at the same time, lose almost 100 pounds.

The moral of the story…

As I look back on my life I continue to find that when I felt the loneliest, most scared or most depressed, books, movies and video games were more than just a waste of time. The stories and characters helped me feel better. They were the people I could turn my attention and emotions to when I felt like I couldn’t share my struggles with those around me. Stories were my saving grace. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, if you’re like me and sometimes you just need a break from the monotony of life, or need to let yourself relax and escape from the pressures in your own head, let’s read. Beyond Normal Books is all about original stories, that are completely unique.

Some people will tell you that science fiction and apocalyptic lovers are weird, strange or nerdy. We’re abnormal.


Normal is boring.

We are more than normal.

We are Beyond Normal.