A Zombie Apocalypse Story With Heart.
This Book Trilogy Is One That Will Keep You Reading. Guaranteed.


Outbreak: Undead Book 1

When the end of the world strikes, who would you save?

Joe Feller, an Army Special Forces officer home on leave between deployments, sits on the beach in Miami but has no idea this relaxing morning is about to turn into an apocalyptic chaos. Soon Joe’s world is zombie craziness. He must use his tactical training and fighting skills to survive and help others around him. However, he can’t help the most important person to him. His brother, Kurt, is all alone, trapped in Russia.



New World: Undead Book 2

The Feller Brothers survived the Outbreak, but are they safe or is the worst to come?

Kurt Feller sits in a hunting blind, staring at the frozen Russian forest at the edge of the survivor settlement. Stuck for the winter, he’s adapting well to his new home and the strange hodgepodge trailer society that has emerged following the zombie outbreak.
The zombies have been learning. As the winter thaws the apocalypse re-heats, and everyone’s story is threatened to end early.



Rebirth: Undead Book 3

The Feller brothers have survived thus far, but they're running out of time.

The Feller Brothers are about to learn that in this zombie world the most dangerous creatures aren’t always the undead, but can be the humans that have survived.
New friendships are made, and others are broken. Secrets revealed that carry with them dire consequences, and the Feller brothers’ story comes to an end.



The Undead Trilogy In One Book
Three Books. One Engaging Story.



Enerjax was meant to be the savior drug of our planet, it didn’t turn out that way.

Read the complete story of The Undead Trilogy in one book.Following two brothers as they struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, it focuses on the relationships and personal connections they make while fighting and struggling to survive. 




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 The Zombie Series from the Life & Dreams of Jon DeLeon



About The Author

I'm Jon DeLeon, an author, a #CreativeGenius and Beyond Normal. 

Great stories have the ability to make you feel, wonder and dream in a way that nothing else can. Science fiction to me is unique in its ability to push boundaries and stretch the imagination to new frontiers. I love stories and love writing. My hope is that one of my stories connects with you in the way that authoring them does for me.



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 The Undead Trilogy is available as three separate books or one massive story.