Books Released

Below are the books currently available on the Amazon store. Click each image to be directed to their Amazon book pages. As more stories are released, they will be added to this page.


Outbreak: Undead Book 1 - The Apocalypse Chronicles Book 1

Over five years in the making, OUTBREAK is the first release from Jon DeLeon. It is the first of a three-part series titled UNDEAD, which follows two brothers as they struggle to survive in a zombie apocalypse. This science fiction lays the groundwork for a twisting zombie action & adventure tale and introduces DeLeon's style of entertaining, relationship-based writing. The transitions and cut scenes littered throughout the book keep the readers on their feet and engaged in this energetic story.

New World: Undead Book 2 - The Apocalypse Chronicles Book 2

The follow up to Outbreak, book one of the Undead Series, New World picks up the story of Joe and Kurt Feller, giving a glimpse of what the post-apocalyptic world looks like, and the new dangers that it contains.

Rebirth: Book 3 - The Apocalypse Chronicles Book 3

Rebirth is the third and final book of the Undead storyline, the first tale of the Apocalypse Chronicles. The action packed and chaotic conclusion challenges the main characters and leads the reader down a thrilling ride to the end.

The Dream Master: A Unique Fiction

Philip Fail, a man at the end of his rope gets a chance to interview a man with a secret. This man tells Philip a story that reveals the answer to a question Philip has been asking himself and the universe, which changes everything.

The Dream Master is a tale like no other, taken from the actual dreams of Author Jon DeLeon.


Undead: The Complete Story - The Apocalypse Chronicles Book 4

Undead is the first tale of the Apocalypse Chronicles series from independent author Jon DeLeon. Following two brothers as they struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie world, it focuses on the relationships and personal connections they make while fighting and struggling to survive. This science-fiction adventure, packed with action and chaos, introduces DeLeon’s writing style of entertaining transitions and cut scenes, and keeps the reader on their toes and engaged to the last sentence.